Gyokuro "Kinkaku" 45g, Japanese Tea from Kyoto
Japanese Tea Gyokuro KINKAKU Gyokuro is the highest grade of Japanese tea, which is cultivated in shaded tea fields to avoid direct sunlight. It has the unique sweetness and mild taste of Gyokuro. We have produced the tea with a...
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Gyokuro "KIN-UN" 70g, Silver Plated on Copper Tea Caddy / Tea Canister, Japanese Tea from Kyoto
Gyokuro is made the process of steaming, rubbing, drying. When the first tea sprout started to grow, the leaves was covered to almost completely shielded from sunlight With less astringency, rich in flavor and taste, it is a premium tea...
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Reicha Gyokuro Tea bags 3g x 10, Japanese Tea from Kyoto
Reicha Gyokuro Tea bags 3g x 10Japanese Tea from Kyoto   ★ How to make delicious Japanese Tea. General instructions for making a cup of Japanese Tea. 1. Prepare boiled hot water and wait till it cools down to the...
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Gyokuro "KOZAN" 70g, Handmade Special Tea Caddy / Tea Canister, Japanese Tea from Kyoto
※Expiry Date 15.11.2020 Gyokuro is regarded as the best among Japanese tea in terms of quality, aroma and taste. Gokuro Kozan is made of the first flush and elaborately processed with the traditional techniques. Please enjoy its unique scent and...
$120.00 $80.00
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