The Various Benefits of Each Maneki-Neko. Part.2

The Meaning of Maneki-Neko accoutrements

Some Maneki-Neko have accoutrements.
Each accoutrement has meaning and there are many variations.
We'll introduce some of the more well-known ones.


 👆Tap the photo and check a Maneki-Neko gives you economic fortune.

Money is the most common accoutrement.
This Maneki-Neko is especially suitable for people want to get economic fortune.
The money this Maneki-Neko is holding is an old Japanese coin called a ‘Koban’.You can also find Maneki-Neko holding a one dollar coin for people from other countries .


●Uchide no Kozuchi

👆Tap the photo and check a Maneki-Neko gives you wealthy.

'Uchide no Kozuchi' which is a magical hammer that appears in an old Japanese tale.   
If you shake the hammer with a wish in mind, your wish will come true.    
Therefore, it is believed that the hammer is a symbol that brings wealth.
We recommend this one to people who want to become wealthy. 


●Red Sea Bram

👆Tap the photo and check a Maneki-Neko brings you a lot of happiness.

In Japan, people believe that a red sea bream is a luckyfish.
The Japanese name of a red sea bream is ‘Tai’ and ‘Medetai’ in Japanese means happiness.
 ‘Medetai’ is commonly spoken when people get something that brings them happiness  and at parties for celebrating some special event.
We recommend this one to people want to bring  happiness into their lives.



👆Tap the photo and check a Maneki-Neko gives you power to overcome some trouble.

The origin of the Daruma is ‘Okiagari Kobushi’, a doll made of paper.
The doll, which has a round bottom and is weighted so that it always comes back to an upright position each time you push it over.
The Daruma is a physical representation of  ‘Life is full of ups and downs’.
If you want to overcome some trouble or want to achieve a goal, this one is the best for you.


●With Some Kittens

👆Tap the photo and check a Maneki-Neko brings you family harmony.

Nowadays, we can see the Maneki-Neko with kittens around it.
We can also see other types such as a couple or a parent and child. Some are shown as a family with three or more kittens.
It seems to have the meaning of  'Family Harmony and Safety for Your Family'.
If you want to strengthen your family bond or build a happy family, this one is the best for you.


●Paper Fun

👆Tap the photo and check a Maneki-Neko brings good luck for your new life

The shape of an unfolded Paper Fan is an isosceles triangle.
This shape is known as ‘Suehirogari’ in Japan, and people believe it is lucky.
In addition, ‘Suehirogari’ has the meaning that the future will be better and better.
We recommend this one to people who will start a business or start  a new life.


Next time we will explain about the best place for Maneki-Neko and how you treat it

To get the best luck out of your Maneki-Neko, it is believed  that it is very important where you display it and how you treat it. Next time we will explain these details. Thank you for taking the time to read our blog!


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Where is the Best Place to Place Maneki-Neko


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